The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities Conference – Chicago, April 20 – 21

Letter from: Mrs. Diana Collier Kly / Acting Chair, IHRAAM Directorate

Dear Leaders:

The victorious Civil Rights struggle has witnessed the ultimate achievement of nondiscrimination in the election of the first Black President of the United States. But even now, as the crises related to US financial and military policies deepen, we see that the advances hoped for, and some of which were gained through affirmative action, have begun to erode.Affirmative action is now under sustained attack and might not survive the next round in the US Supreme Court.

This message, sent during an election year, may find many wondering just what concrete advances the African American community as a whole can count on from this momentous achievement, if the issues and needs specific to the African American national minority cannot be put on the national political agenda of any party, let alone that of the first US president of African descent. Even in the face of a lack of benefit accruing to the African American people as a whole through the polls, there is a determined effort to reduce African Americans’ voting impact through redistricting and excessive incarceration.

Policies of civil rights and equality before the law have failed to take the African American community as a whole as far forward as it needs and has the human and international legal right to go. How can this be addressed, if the existing political system can only produce leadership that is mandated and purports to address the needs of all the population, to the disproportionate neglect of the African American people? Does customary and black letter international law hold some norms and state best practices that would be useful to addressing the situation of African Americans in the United States?

The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM) is an NGO in Consultative Status with the United Nations. IHRAAM envisages our forthcoming Chicago conference as a major mechanism for exposing leading African-American opinion makers to the potential that international legal paradigms of internal self-determination might hold for African American collective development within the United States.

Prominent and authoritative speakers from within the African American, American and international communities have come on board to address the issues.Our invitational outreach is targeting you, the educators, professionals, businesspeople, religious and community leaders of the African American people, seeking your input and wealth of experience, to put forward questions and help bring out understandings which can take the African American struggle on to the next step.
Francis A. Boyle, leading US expert on international law, will be a featured banquet speaker, addressing”AFRICAN AMERICANS’ RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION.

We hope that you will see fit to join us, and explore the possibilities. REGISTER NOW!
If you should have any questions, kindly contact Dr. Farid I. Muhammad (312-939-0111X2315) or Atty. Aneesa Mitchell (

With kindest regards,

Mrs. Diana Collier Kly

Acting Chair, IHRAAM Directorate

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