Defend Omari, against gentrification press conference!



Last week 70 year old grandfather and longtime human rights activist, Omari Tahir Garrett, while fighting against an improper eviction in court was detained indefinitely in King County Jail for several days without arraignment, bail, access to council, or access to any information about what he was accused of until days after his release.

This is a racially-motivated targeted eviction for profit that use Guantanomo style “indefinite detention” to silence Omari. If we don’t stand up, we’ll get swept out!

Many in Seattle know Omari Tahir-Garrett from his longtime activism against racism and for human rights and opposition to gentrification in Seattle’s historically Black Central District.

We have to stand up and defend Omari, THIS SATURDAY AT 9:00AM at 2314 E. Spring St. the Umoja Fest Peace Center. This is about fighting for justice for Omari’s detention and defending one of the last pillars against gentrification and for peoples’ right to housing in a Central District that is under siege by downtown developer.

Saturday, March 4 at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST
Umoja Peace Center. 2314 E. Spring St. Seattle, WA 98122