Video Reveals Seattle Police Contempt for Homeless —

Kshama Sawant Says City Government Has Failed to Hold Police Accountable

A 1986 video made by a group of Seattle Police officers, in which they offensively mock the city’s homeless, has just been made public. One of the officers participating in the video is the current interim Chief Jim Pugel.

The video reveals the utter contempt of Seattle Police toward the city’s homeless and poor. Socialist Alternative City Council candidate Kshama Sawant said, “The participation of interim Police Chief Jim Pugel in this disgusting video is just another example of how broken the Seattle Police Department is.”

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Women sue rapist attorney Danford Grant, his wife

danford grant

Four women raped by Danford Grant during his campaign of sexual assaults against area masseuses have sued the Seattle attorney and his wife.

Having admitted to raping five women, Grant is currently locked up at a Shelton state prison. He’s expected to spend most of his remaining years in prison.

Now, several of the women Grant raped have sued him and his wife, Jennifer, claiming both owe them for the harm Grant caused.

Writing the court, Bellevue attorney Michael Maxwell said the four women he represents suffered physical and emotional injuries at Grant’s hands. The attorney described Jennifer Grant – who helped hide her husband’s car from police after his arrest – as a “co-conspirator” in the attacks.


Blacks Were Targeted for CIA Cocaine. It Can Be Proven


Blacks Were Targeted for CIA Cocaine. It Can Be Proven
By Michael C. Ruppert

January 28, 1999

For a long time, many people have believed that African-Americans were targeted by the Central Intelligence Agency to receive the cocaine which decimated black communities in the 1980s. It was, until now, widely accepted that the case could not be proven because of two fallacious straw obstacles to that proof. Both lie smack dab in the misuse of the word “crack” and that is why, in my lectures, I have strenuously objected to the term “CIA crack”.



Swindler’s List: A Brief Look at the Holocaust Reparations Racket

A lot of people would probably assume that, yes, some sort of redress did occur, but that whatever it was, most likely was paid out in one, two, three, or perhaps four lump sum payments, and that the matter was over, settled, and done with, oh, say maybe five years after the war, or ten at most. Few people—or at any rate few who aren’t Jewish, or who don’t make a regular habit of reading the Jewish press—would guess that today, fully 67 years after the war, Germany continues to pay reparations to Jews, or that the benefits doled out keep going up every year, rather than down. But this is indeed the case.


Reparation Idea Gains Support Among Blacks


Reparation Idea Gains Support Among Blacks

CHICAGO — Brother Howshua is certain. The burly black man in the black suit, black leather hat, black boots and spirit to match knows he has the prescription for his people’s psychic and financial ills on the piece of paper suffocating in his weathered hands.

Now to get the rest of the world on board.

“For those blacks who wish to remain in America, they should receive reparations in the form of free education, free medical, free legal and free financial aid for 50 years with no taxes levied,” booms the Chicago social activist.


Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel


Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel

We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel, inspired by the struggle of South Africans against apartheid. We also call on others to do the same.

We are devoted to the promotion of just peace and true democracy in this region. We are particularly opposed to Western governments’ decision to boycott the Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, most especially in besieged Gaza. This is particularly outrageous given the same Western governments’ prolonged support of Israel’s apartheid and other daily violations of international law.


Mixed race kids a new phenomenon in the Netherlands? We think not.Chandra Frank | June 11th, 2014

mixed couples

This week cultural centre de Balie in Amsterdam will be hosting an event titled ‘ (In)visibly Mixed’ on “mixed race” families and relationships (BTW, the Netherlands uncritically accepts this terminology, along with the assumption that certain people are “pure” and others are “mixed”, thereby reifying 19th century race theories).

Loving Day takes the end of anti-miscegenation laws in America in 1967 as its starting point to celebrate the growing number of mixed couples and children in the Netherlands. Mixed children are a growing phenomenon in the Netherlands (up from 30% to 37% from 2007 in Amsterdam) but oddly, the program claims, this growth is not visible in Dutch policy or imaging of the Dutch identity.

Being designated as “mixed race” ourselves, we don’t deny that there’s a lot to talk about, but we were mildly surprised to see that this program completely ignores the historical and socio-economical context of mixed race identities within Dutch colonial history. We say mildly, because it wouldn’t be the first time the Dutch conveniently forgot about their colonial adventures.


‘We must find a solution. We have no choice.’

spu shooting

The Mayor made the following remarks today: “Gun violence is happening everywhere and it’s impacting everyone.
Seattle is not unique and Seattle is not immune.

Our nation is experiencing an epidemic of senseless gun violence. We have seen it in Seattle in the early hours of Sunday morning and we saw it yesterday at Seattle Pacific University.

I have, in the last week, spent time in the funeral home with the family of Ahmed Said. I spent time in the home of Dwone Anderson-Young. In both cases, I spent time talking to their mothers and it was a very, very difficult moment. But in both cases, I saw people who want to figure out how we move forward with compassion and how we move forward with justice.

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