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China in driving seat as Ethiopian capital gets new tramway


Addis Ababa (AFP) – Sub-Saharan Africa’s first modern tramway opened in the Ethiopian capital on Sunday, marking the completion of a massive Chinese-funded infrastructure project hailed as a major step in the country’s economic development.

Even before the ribbon was cut, several hundred residents were queueing for a ride on the Chinese-driven trams, which have the capacity to carry 60,000 passengers a day across the capital of Africa’s second most populous nation.
The two line, 34-kilometre (21 mile) system was built by the China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) . The project cost $475 million, 85 percent of which has been covered by China’s Exim bank.


Pan-African magazine says Africa has 55 billionaires, world’s richest black Nigerian woman


From: AP

LAGOS, Nigeria — A pan-African magazine says Africa has many more billionaires than previously reported, 55 of them worth more than $143 billion including a Nigerian said to be the richest black woman in the world.

“Move over, Oprah!” Ventures Africa says in its latest edition published this week.

Editor-in-chief Uzodinma Iweala said Tuesday the magazine’s estimates are “on the conservative side.”

The report predictably identifies Nigerian manufacturer Aliko Dangote as the richest African worth $20.2 billion, among 20 Nigerians listed.

Africa Ventures put the average net worth of Africa’s billionaires at $2.6 billion and their average age at 65. The oldest billionaires are Kenyan industrialist Manu Chandaria and Egyptian property tycoon Mohammed Al-Fayed, both aged 84. The youngest billionaires are Mohammed Dewji of Tanzania and Nigerian oil trader Igho Sanomi, both 38 years old.

Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt had the highest numbers of the richest Africans, with nine in South Africa and eight in Egypt. It said Algeria, Angola, Zimbabwe and Swaziland only have one billionaire each. It identified billionaires in only 10 of Africa’s 53 countries.

The magazine’s survey surprised by identifying oil tycoon Folorunsho Alakija as the richest black woman in the world, saying that she is worth $7.3 billion.

Forbes magazine in its respected list had estimated Alakija’s fortune at $600 million and Oprah Winfrey’s worth at $2.9 billion.

The Forbes list of Africa’s 40 Richest has only 16 billionaires including two Nigerians.

Last month, Forbes published a story describing Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ daughter, Isabel, as Africa’s only female billionaire worth about $3 billion.


Obama’s Oath of Office is Meaningless: He’s Violated the Constitution Numerous Times


SOURCE: Dan Johnson in Politics

The president of the United States was inaugurated for a second term. The inauguration, costing taxpayers a cool $170 million, was mostly pomp and circumstance until President Obama took the Oath of Office.

Then, it once again turned into a liar’s den.

The Oath of the President of the United States reads as follows:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Obama, much like Clinton, Bush Sr., and G.W. Bush, has treated the Constitution as if it were a list of suggestions, rather than concrete rules for holding the office of president. Between countless drone attacks, eviscerating the Bill of Rights, and signing a law turning America into a battlefield, this President has acted as if the Constitution were only to be followed at his convenience.

Here are just a few of the ways Barack Obama has trampled the Constitution, destroyed our inalienable rights, and violated his Oath of Office:

1. Signing the annual National Defense Authorization Act…twice

Obama signs NDAA

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a law passed every year by Congress, and it typically just authorizes funding for the the Armed Forces. However, the 2012 NDAA radically changed that. It authorized, at the request of the president, the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person on U.S. soil…including American citizens. President Obama signed it into law on New Year’s Eve, 2011, with a signing statement claiming he would never use that power. Then on January 4,2013, leaving the indefinite detention sections of the 2012 NDAA intact, he signed the NDAA again. This time, with no such disclaimer.

2. Assassinating American citizens

Anway Al-Awlaki

Anwar Al-Awlaki was an American citizen living in Yemen, who the president decided was aiding Al-Qaeda and should be eliminated. On September 30, 2011, a drone strike killed Al-Awlaki, and two weeks later, another drone strike killed his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki. The president of the United States acted as judge, jury, and executioner of American citizens to whom the U.S. government denied their Constitutional right to a trial, a lawyer, or a day in court.

3. Authorizing Drone use on U.S. soil

Drone use on domestic soil

Barack Obama signed the 2012 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act (FAARA), which authorized 30,000 drones to begin flying over U.S. soil by 2020. These drones can “accidentally” spy on American citizens, thus violating the Fourth amendment right to be free from “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

4. Extending the Patriot Act


President Obama swore he would repeal the dangerously named USA PATRIOT Act before his election, which allowed for the limitless, and warrantless, wiretapping of anyone considered a suspected terrorist. The wiretapping provisions of this act, which were used in 1,618 drug cases and only 15 terrorism cases, and violated the Fourth amendment entirely, were due to expire on May 27, 2011. President Obama signed an extension just in time…the American people almost got some rights back. Whew, that was close.

5. Keeping Guantanamo Bay open

Guantanamo Bay

One of the key tenets of President Obama’s first election campaign was closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Once he got into office, he claimed closing the facility was “more difficult than I think a lot of people realize.” More difficult, indeed. It is now January 22, 2013, and the president has officially made it impossible for Guantanamo Bay to close under current law.

Under President Obama’s watchful eye, America was turned into a battlefield. We still have the warrantless wiretapping authorized under President Bush, along with the same Guantanamo Bay, and we will soon see surveillance drones operating in the skies above, just like Iraq and Afghanistan. How long before those surveillance drones become Predator drones. These changes violate over 14 provisions of our U.S. Constitution.

In order to faithfully execute his office, our President must preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So far, the only thing this President has been able to faithfully execute is our inalienable rights…one by one.

SOURCE: Dan Johnson in Politics

CIA BUSINESS: The Man Who Knew Too Much


Source: http://www.frankolsonproject.org

Nigeria’s World Bank contender a respected economist

Three African countries have endorsed the nomination of Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for the World Bank’s top job. In a joint statement, Angola, Nigeria and South Africa pledged their support to vb Ms Okonjo-Iweala…

Source: http://www.africanews.com

Occupy Seattle Workers’ Caucus March 7, 2012

From: Occupy Seattle website:

There’s been a lot of talk/interest in having a session in OS that’s specific to folks who are working at awful/low wage/mostly non-unionized/casualized jobs, and trying to be involved in Occupy…

Source: http://www.occupyseattle.org

South Africa to launch Africa’s first Wi-Fi city

Municipal authorities in the South African town of Stellenbosch have announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi internet access to its residents, making the town Africa’s first ever tech capital. Conrad Sidego, Stellenbosch mayor, said his municipality is planning to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access to everyone in the town, local media reported…

Source: http://www.africanews.com

Obama Will Not Veto Citizen Arrest And Torture Bill-

The White House will sign into law a bill that will allow citizens to be arrested, detained forever, tortured and never charged with a crime…

I wonder if they’re already working on the logistical plans to start arresting people?

Source: http://mattweidnerlaw.com

The new segregation is economic

A new study by the Manhattan Institute finds that all-white enclaves are “effectively extinct.” The New York Times found a bevy of experts to second the motion, albeit with some caveats. Yet this is highly misleading.

Consider Columbia, S.C. The city is 52 percent white and 42 percent black, with a median household income of $38,272. Yet the city is highly segregated, with whites living in older gentrified neighborhoods of grand old houses and some new subdivisions, and blacks living in poor areas. Meanwhile, once-rural Lexington County next door has seen a huge influx of affluent whites. It’s 79 percent white and 14 percent black with a median household income of $52,205…

Source: http://www.seattletimes.com