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9/11: The Secret War Against the Jews

Suppose the narrative was changed. What if the box-cutter hijackers were replaced by an entirely different crew of bad guys responsible for bringing down the World Trade Towers?

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DRUDGE: MARTIAL LAW? Obama Issues EXECUTIVE ORDER: ‘National Defense Resources Preparedness’

If your a citizen of the “U.S.” and you ‘participate’ in any atcivities that the U.S. Government may feel is in direct conflict with U.S. Law(s)…..then its time you read this

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Obama Will Not Veto Citizen Arrest And Torture Bill-

The White House will sign into law a bill that will allow citizens to be arrested, detained forever, tortured and never charged with a crime…

I wonder if they’re already working on the logistical plans to start arresting people?

Source: http://mattweidnerlaw.com