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Slavery in America: Historical Overview

Slavery in America: Historical Overview
By: Ronald L. F. Davis

On the eve of the American Civil War approximately 4 million enslaved African Americans lived in the southern region. of the United States of America.

The vast majority worked as plantation slaves in the production of cotton, sugar, tobacco, and rice.

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Very few of these enslaved people were African born principally because the importation of enslaved Africans to the United States officially ended in 1808, although thousands were smuggled into the nation illegally in the 50 years following the ban on the international trade?


New Genetics Evidence Proves African Origin of Modern Chinese

Chinese scientists discovered last year that primitive elements of DNA found in modern Chinese are identical with those found in Africans…

Modern humans, or Homo sapiens, might migrate from Africa into China by way of Southeast Asia between 18,000 years and 60,000 years ago, researchers say.

This latest research finding by Chinese scientists and their international colleagues concluded that modern humans might have moved from Africa to China replacing Mono erectus (archaic upright- walking human beings) there to become the ancestors of the country ‘s modern humans.

The conclusion is based on the comparison and analysis of Y- chromosome DNA using samples of the extant 88 populations living in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Oceania, says Li Jin, one of the Chinese researchers of the study “Chinese Human Genome Diversity Project.”

Li Jin is a professor of both the National Human Genome Center in Shanghai and the Institute of Genetics of Fudan University.

NOTE: Li Jin received BS and MS in genetics at Fudan University in 1985 and 1987, respectively. He received Ph.D in genetics at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in 1994. He received post-doctoral training at Stanford until 1997.

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DISCOP: African TV content in high demand

With over 400 TV channels, 50 pay-TV platforms, 300 million mobile and 70 million Internet users, delivering video content to 700 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa has recently grown at a particularly rapid pace.

Every year DISCOP Africa brings TV producers and channels together under one roof. The 2011 edition took place between 9 and 11 February in Accra, Ghana.

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