Help Umoja Peace Center Plant Seeds & Grow Dreams with a Donation Today!

Today is Giving Tuesday.

Help Umoja Peace Center Plant Seeds & Grow Dreams with a Donation Today!



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These children are learning and expanding their imaginations at an Intro to Visual Design & Storytelling class at the Young Geniuses Academy (YGA), one of the many programs for children and teens at the Umoja Peace Center (UPC). YGA provides learning and enrichment opportunities to children and youth in our communities to fill the gaps left by public schools who have limited art, technical and cultural enrichment learning opportunities due to budget cuts.

From coding workshops that bridge the digital divide–to international art projects–to embracing our global citizenry, UPC is providing high quality learning opportunities to children and teens in our community. It takes a village to raise a child and UPC is a village we need.

UPC helps children and teens overcome obstacles to success through education enhancement projects that build marketable skills, self confidence and cultural pride and identity. UPC’s after school learning programs, homework lab and Saturday workshops, provide a space for children and teens to realize their full potential in an atmosphere that celebrates, nurtures and cultivates positive self expression.

Your support is critical at this time as the program lacks funds for art supplies, instructors and the cost of a December 12th event for Young Geniuses to showcase their talents. By giving a donation today, you will help us create a vibrant community of lifelong learners whose creativity and ingenuity have a positive impact our local and global community.

It’s easy to invest in our kids. Our goal is to raise $2,500 by Tuesday December 8th. We need 50 people to give $50 today in order to cover basic expenses for the program this month.

Any amount will help us pay for educational materials and supplies for our classes and events. With your donation we can expand our reach and continue to provide educational programs and opportunities four our kids.

Thank you so much for your support!

Yalonda Sinde
Volunteer & Boardmember of the Umoja Peace Center

3100 S. Alaska St. Seattle WA 98108
Contact Us at 877.505.6306 or Email:

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