Lawsuit Filed


A lawsuit filed against Seattle’s newest pot shop claims the shop’s owner mislead the state on his license application.

The suit was filed against Uncle Ike’s at 23rd and Union, the City of Seattle, and the State Liquor Control Board. It claims the shop is too close to a teen center housed within the Mt. Calvary Church, and too close to a community funded parklet near 25th and Union. The suit goes on to say that the owner of the shop lied about being within 1,000 feet of those locations when he filed for a pot shop license.

Mt. Calvary filed the lawsuit, which also blames the city and state for not giving the community enough warning that a pot shop was coming.

Church leaders will be hosting another rally at 23rd and Union Friday. Thursday, the owner of Ike’s would not comment on the suit, the rally or the alleged lie.


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