“ZIM” Blockade Action (UPDATED)


Blockade Action (UPDATED)

Here are the updated action logistics, as of 8/15.

Facebook event page

Information on #BlockTheBoat in Tacoma and Seattle

Transportation logistics

Points of Agreement on action

According to zim.com and portoftacoma.com, the Zim Chicago is estimated to arrive at the Washington United Terminal of the Port of Tacoma on August 20th at 8:00 am. This date/time, as always, is uncertain and subject to change. The plan as follows is based on the most recent information available and will be updated as needed.

On the 20th, there will be two shifts of carpools going down to Tacoma leaving from Seattle. For the first round, the meeting is at 5 am on Cherry St and 6th Ave for a 6:30 am set up at the WU Terminal at the Port of Tacoma. Second round, at the same meet-up location, is a 2:30pm meet up for a 4/4:30 pm set up.

The current ETA of the Zim Chicago in the Port of Seattle is August 22nd, but that date may change dependent on the outcome of the Tacoma blockade.

This facebook page was created to coordinate carpooling from Olympia, WA to the Tacoma action.





Facebook event page for the Puget Sound blockades – please invite your friends

When the “Zim Chicago” enters the Port of Tacoma on August 20th and the Port of Seattle on August 22, we will conduct blockades to prevent the unloading of its cargo, starting early and lasting all day. Estimated dates of arrival are subject to change, and we will continue to give accurate updates on this website. We will also give exact meeting places for the actions in the coming days. Keep checking!

These actions are economic sanctions against Zim Shipping, Israel’s largest shipping company, in response to the current siege of Gaza and the ongoing occupation of Palestine. Any international commerce that profits Israeli companies is oppressing Palestinians. Israel could not continue its occupation and genocide without economic and military support of the United States government. To help end this oppression we must block that support in every way we can.

The toll of “Operation Protective Edge” is almost 1,900 Gazans killed (nearly all civilians), 31% of them children, and almost 10,000 injured. We must act in solidarity with those in Palestine who live under occupation and are facing down genocide. Let’s refuse to let Israeli ships use our ports! Blockade til they go away! Oakland, CA will block a Zim ship on August 16th. In Seattle we shut down the Port for a day in December of 2011 — we can do it again and again. Blockades can and must happen everywhere there is a port, as a contribution to the goal of the complete collapse of the economic base of Israeli occupation.

We can’t do this without your presence! Everyone is welcome, young and old. Bring banners, flags, flyers, sound systems, musical instruments, and your friends. If you can’t blockade, you can participate in the supporting rallies — the more people there, the safer we’ll all be.

Comments, questions, or suggestions? Want to work together? Contact blocktheboatnw@gmail.com. This website will continue to be updated.


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