Video Reveals Seattle Police Contempt for Homeless —

Kshama Sawant Says City Government Has Failed to Hold Police Accountable

A 1986 video made by a group of Seattle Police officers, in which they offensively mock the city’s homeless, has just been made public. One of the officers participating in the video is the current interim Chief Jim Pugel.

The video reveals the utter contempt of Seattle Police toward the city’s homeless and poor. Socialist Alternative City Council candidate Kshama Sawant said, “The participation of interim Police Chief Jim Pugel in this disgusting video is just another example of how broken the Seattle Police Department is.”

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One thought on “Video Reveals Seattle Police Contempt for Homeless —”

  1. That video is almost 30 years old – are you suggesting that it is evidential of the police department as it is today? Probably, most of the people working in the department at that time have retired, so why can you draw that connection so easily?

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