The Story of Mobile’s Africatown Pipeline

Published on Mar 8, 2014

MOBILE, Ala. — Joe Womack of Africatown is not happy with the administration of his old school, the Mobile County Training School, from where he graduated in 1968. He is not happy with the administration of his home town of Mobile. And he’s afraid for the 250 kids who attend the middle school now that Plains Southcap has pushed forward with digging an oil pipeline right through the school yard.

On the day construction began, he and other members of the historic African-American community where the last known shipment of slaves landed in the United States, were staging a protest.

“The next thing we knew they were plowing right through the field,” he said in an interview this past weekend right after Mardi Gras ended and Lent began. “We don’t like it. We don’t appreciate it.”

See more here – Mobile Alabama’s Historic Africatown At Risk From Tar Sands Oil Storage Tanks, Pipelines…

Video produced to go with a larger story with photos in the New American Journal @ NewAmericanJournal.Net, an alternative, independent news organization registered as a publication of Locust Fork Publishing LLC.

See the Video

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