Rep. John Conyers has been introducing a Reparations Bill in the House for decades

[Reparations Moving Forward]

There is a lot of hatred against African Americans in the United States even though as a group, we have done little or nothing to earn it. Most of us were brought here against our will. This has been an odd way to act toward people you forced to be part of your population. An example of this hatred is easy to see in the irrational reaction of many toward the twice legally elected President of the United States, Barack Obama.

In my humble opinion, from a distance, he has been an almost perfect person, having a beautiful family, being extremely competent at his job and never striking back at his many tormentors, many of whom have conducted themselves at the level of sub-humans in their vitriolic comments about him, often to his face. He has taken this abuse in much the same way that Jackie Robinson, the first African American to make it in the then all white professional baseball league took it.

No American president has ever faced so much hostility and outright disrespect. The haters may be a minority, but there are still a lot of them, and as we have seen, they have power and they have little morality meaning they will sink to any level, no matter how low to achieve their objectives.

The damage done to Africans after their civilizations collapsed has been the worst ever inflicted on any peoples of the world. Their greatest accomplishments, the Egyptian Civilization for one example has been ripped from them by criminal societies who have tried for centuries to convince the world that Egypt was a European creation when in fact they came into possession of it only through invasions and criminal acts.

They have tried through various religions to convince the world that the Egyptians deserved to be enslaved claiming that enslaved Europeans, the Jews, were forced to build the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau. This has been proven to be a lie, but there are hundreds or even thousands of lies that these people live on as justification for murdering and enslaving millions of Africans then stealing and pillaging their rich lands. Africans are not alone in suffering these fates. The same has been done to others, including the American Indians. In the case of Africans brought to the Americas, we were stripped of not only our history but our language, our customs, our religions and even our appearance in an attempt to make us unrecognizable to the world. All of this damage must be made right.

Reparation is a principle of law that has existed for centuries, referring to the obligation of a wrongdoing party to redress the damage caused to the injured party. Under international law, reparation must, as far as possible, wipe out all the consequences of the illegal acts and re-establish the situation which would, in all probability, have existed if these acts had not been committed.

The Reparations situation between The Jews and Nazi Germany was fairly simple and a “Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany” was held by the Israelis. 
Around September 1951, the Chancellor of West Germany addressed his Parliament stating the need and desire of his government to agree on forms of compensation due the Jewish people. Despite some protests, an agreement was signed in September 1952 and West Germany paid Israel a total sum of $2,374,284,914 dollars (over Two billion three hundred million dollars). The payment was made to the State of Israel as heir to the victims who had no surviving family.


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