How Malcolm X’s parents met in Montreal

How Malcolm X’s parents met in Montreal

malcolms mom and dad

There would surely never have been a Malcolm X had the great black-rights leader’s parents just stayed in Montreal.

Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X’s parents met in Montreal in a sequence of events that began when Edgerton Langdon, described as a “labourer,” invited his niece Louise Norton to come from Grenada to stay with him at his home at 150 St. Martin (see map and illustration below) in 1918.

Louise was the light-skinned product of a union between a black mother and a white father. She looked and spoke like a white person, according to Malcolm X, who later clearly disapproved of the grandfather he never knew.

Louise didn’t know her white father and Malcolm, one of her seven children, described his maternal white grandpa as a “rapist” and said he was glad not to know him.

It probably wasn’t a ton of fun for Louise in Montreal, as her uncle Edgerton was considered a “mean, mean man,” according to Edgerton’s granddaughter Sylvia Langdon of Coursol St, who I interviewed in 2003.

Louise found herself attending meetings of the newly-formed Montreal branch of Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association, where she met Earl in 1918.

Earl Little had recently moved to Montreal from Reynolds, Georgia.

malcolm little malcolm x

Malcolm X
Little, a father of three, was a dark skinned Baptist involved with Garvey’s group in Montreal.

Earl, 29, and Louise, 22, married here in Montreal on May 10, 1919, thus beginning a stormy, brutal and historical union.


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