More 4 Mann raided without warrant or eviction notice!

Brothers and Sisters,

Today, November 19th, 2013, just after 1 PM PST, the Seattle Police raided the More 4 Mann Coalition community picket line at Horace Mann in Historic Africatown, and carried out an illegal eviction without warrant or eviction-notice. Four pickets were arrested including one More 4 Mann Task Force member.

We were all released just before 4 PM. As we were being released, Seattle Public Schools representatives handed us a flyer printed on their letterhead, which falsely alleges that we are banned from all public school buildings and public meetings for a year. This flyer is also, like today´s eviction, illegal.

This video documents the SPD´s interaction with our pickets immediately prior to the arrest. We appreciate the professional demeanor of the officers in spite of the incompetence and corruption of their top brass and school district officials, especially SPS General Counsel Ron English.

Leith Kahl

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