Subject: Horace Mann building

From: Nova Project PTSA
Date: September 17, 2013 9:55:28 PM PDT
Subject: Horace Mann building

Dear, Students and Families of Nova.

I was asked to write a letter stating our staff’s general position on the ongoing situation with the Horace Mann building. To this point, most of our staff has signed this letter. Our hope is to gather signatures from as many of you who are willing to sign this letter, and then distribute our signed letter to local media/networks, especially The Central District News. I would like to send it out sometime this week, the sooner the better. (I realize that we could gather more signatures if we waited longer or pursued more communication channels, but timeliness is a definite concern in what has been a confusing and now fast-moving process.)

Liza has created a link to a Google form that is super easy to use and should hasten signature collection. Just click the below link and fill in the four boxes (first and last names, school, email), then hit submit. Once we have closed the signing period, we’ll send out the letter with your signatures.

Here’s the link:

No pressure is intended; sign only if you agree with what the letter states. Again, the letter was written in concern for the absence of our Nova staff and community’s collective voice in what has been a several-month’s-long conversation within the Central District and other communities.

Thank you,

Adam Croft
Coordinator & Teacher, Earthology/Ecology/Environmental Justice/Gender Studies
The Nova Project

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