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The Africatown Community is seeking to gain back control of “Liberty Bank”.

The origins of the first black owned bank in the central district dates back to 1968, when the property was built at 2320 East Union Street Seattle 98122, the former home of Key Bank.

The Africatown Community are working to have the property declared an Historic,and Cultural
Preservation site.

Over this past weekend May 19(Malcolm X Birthday), two signs were placed at the bank: “Liberty Bank” and “Africatown/CD”.

On the morning of Tuesday May 21, a worker presumed to have been sent over by key bank, was there taking down the two signs. Omari Tahir-Garrett, who’s father was a founder of Liberty Bank was across the street and saw the worker. Omari walked over and requested that the worker leave the signs in place, and that they not be removed. The worker was also informed of Omari’s association with the bank and Africatown’s current plans for the property.

The worker informed Omari that he would call his boss, and the police. At the same time, there happen to be two SPD cars and an ambulance 1 block west of the bank. A female officer approached the worker, then the officer approached Omari. The officer was informed by Omari of the Africatown Community’s involvement and plans. Omari also stated that the signs, if taken down, must be placed back into his possession. The officer informed the worker, that this is a ‘civil’ matter.

There are two brief video clips of what happened:

Video of May 21, 2013 encounter with Key Bank(?) worker removing “Liberty Bank” and “Africatown/CD” signs.


940 F.2d 465: Federal Deposit Insurance corporation, As Receiverfor Liberty Bank of Seattle, Plaintiff, v. Sim Henderson, et al., Defendants.j. Thomas Wood; Barbara Wood, Husband and Wife, Defendants-counter-claimants-plaintiffs-appellants, v. Thomas Oldfield, Counter-defendant-appellee.

The Full Lawsuit can be read below:

Also see:

Liberty Bank – FDIC Certificate #: 27268

The Africatown Community

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