Africa on the Move: The Power of Song

Africa on the Move follows Ivorian reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly as he fights for Africa’s poor and marginalised. See his LIVE CONCERT

Tiken Jah Fakoly is a reggae artist born in Cote d’Ivoire in Western Africa. His career began in the 1990’s and he has released seven albums most recently “L’Africain.” He sings both in French and in his native language of Dioula.

As a result of his outspoken criticism of the government in his native country, Tiken (as he is known to his fans) has been the target of intimidation and death threats. He has lost several people close to him but he remains an advocate both for reform of the political system in Cote d’Ivoire and for the plight of disadvantaged people in Africa and throughout the world. He was forced into exile in neighbouring Mali and now spends time in France as well.


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