Recent Developments in JFK Assassination Research

By.. Anthony Marsh,
National Security Affairs correspondent….

Newly released documents will be a primary focus of the upcoming COPA conference. The conference sponsored by the Coalition on Political Assassinations will be held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC on October 20-22, 1995. For more details, read the accompanying text file. There will also be presentations on the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Among some of the highlights I expect to be presented will be some interesting new developments in analysis of the JFK autopsy photos and X-rays, and an update on attempts by the FBI to block the release of files which the ARRB has voted to release. The FBI appeal has been sent to President Clinton, who has not acted within the required 30-day period, so it is an open question as to whether these documents should automatically be released after that 30-day period unless the President sides with the FBI attempt at cover-up. By the time of the conference, this issue should have been resolved.

Dr. John Newman, author of the books JFK and Vietnam, and Oswald and the CIA, has been reviewing the latest releases and may have some amazing finds to report. One interesting document which Dr. Newman recently found is a 1975 deposition by FBI Special Agent Carver Gayton confirming that Oswald was an FBI informant. There is also a second batch of Oswald 201 files being released which may be available by the time of the COPA conference.


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